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Watch the Nismo GT-R Attack the Nurburgring

Spy Video Footage Was Captured of a NISMO GT-R Prototype Running the Nurburgring

Things are heating up with NISMO’s development of a super performance variation of the already world-class GT-R. The vehicle, which they’re trying to build to reach 60mph in 2 seconds flat, is to become a new flagship for Nissan to showcase their manufacturing and design capabilities. Utilizing the super car GT-R as the base for such an endeavor was the perfect route for them, and it looks like they’re getting close to hitting their mark.

Earlier this week, Nissan shut down the Nurburgring for testing. They hired safety marshalls and turned on the timing beacons around the track, and sent the current prototype NISMO GT-R out on the world’s most famous racetrack to see what it was capable of. They were, undoubtedly, working to set a new track record, or come close to the upper echelons of all Nurburgring times (the current production version of the GT-R has already posted a blisteringly fat 7:19.1 track time).

To achieve these times, Nissan has clearly upped the HP and Torque numbers of their GT-R. In the video the sound of an oversized blow off valve would indicate a much larger turbo configuration than is seen on the base production car; however, power alone is not what creates great track times. The NISMO GT-R will also certainly be a lighter vehicle, but by how much is anyone’s guess at this point. Also of note are the changes to aerodynamics that the vehicle has undergone. Even wrapped in camo, it’s clear that the vehicle has been outfitted with a new and more aggressive aero package–punctuated by the oversized wing at the rear of the car.

So, while we don’t yet know what times the Nissan Godzilla is putting down at the ‘Ring in this NISMO iteration, we do know that it sounds and looks like no other GT-R before it. Check it out and share your thoughts!

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