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Nice New Bumper Protector

I’ve been looking for a skid protector for my GT-R for awhile. I had even, at one point, taped a custom cut piece of plastic the front bumper when I knew I’d be visiting a friend (whose driveway is a bumper-killer that I dread terribly). Thankfully, now, there’s a solution (other than my crappy-looking plastic piece). I saw this Nissan GT-R Front Skid Protector today and immediately knew that I had to buy it. If you’re like me, and trying to keep your GT-R in as beautiful of shape as possible (because, seriously, who wouldn’t try and do that?!?) but still enjoy driving it every weekend to a friend’s house or to dinner with somebody, this is an absolute necessity. I’ve had that scrape noise too many times entering a parking lot or driveway, and while not much damage has occurred yet, I’m happy to be able to stop it before it does. Made from Urethane, this thing is durable also, and low-profile enough that it wont look bad on the car (which is something I can not say for my self-cut piece of plastic). In fact, it doesn’t look like it will have much of a visual effect at all. I would definitely recommend this product, especially as it seems to be the first solution for this problem I’ve found for the GT-R online.

Some Nissan GT-Rs having issues starting

Just thought we’d alert you after catching wind of this problem, which has been reported now by a lot of Nissan GT-R drivers out there. We already had some inclination of the steering column lock which was occurring in GT-Rs around the world, but it seems to be occurring with more frequency now. Based on this, I wanted to bring some information about to you, the GT-R driver.

Apparently, this happens as a result of the steering fluid losing compression after the column locks, most likely as result of a faulty transmitter or other part within the column lock system. A lot of people have reported being able to jar the column loose and be able to start their car, but some have said none of the home solutions have worked at all. Nissan really needs to figure this out and repair it ASAP, as it is leaving some GT-Rs completely stranded in garages (and at times much worse places, such as parked on city streets and in busy lots). If you find yourself in one of these positions, some people have reported being able to free it and start the car by doing the following things:

Applying extra force left and then right on the wheel, hopefully pushing past a locking mechanism and increasing steering fluid compression. Once in this pressurized state, pressing the start button.

Releasing the tilt control on the wheel and using the up/down motion of that to see if the steering column will not unlock itself in another position.

Replacing the battery (sometimes this issue is result of low battery voltage to the electronic systems, apparently).

Of course, it would be preferable that none of these things were ever necessary. My recommendation to you would be to do whatever necessary to free the steering column if this leaves you stranded in a public place, as that is by no means an ideal place to leave your GT-R for an extended amount of time, and drive it either A) directly to a Nissan dealership or B) Straight home. If you take it to a dealership, report the problem immediately and have it inspected. This seems to be happening with more regular frequency, so I would be surprised if a registered Nissan GT-R mechanic had no idea how to handle the situation. If you take it home, call it a registered Nissan GT-R mechanic and have them make a house call. Hopefully, this information is just a helpful warning for you and never becomes necessary. Also, hopefully, Nissan will register a recall or a repair for the Nissan GT-R soon and stop this problem from happening any more, as it is the first stain on Godzilla’s permanent record thus far. Eliminate it before it becomes a real problem Nissan, and let there be no detraction available for the Nissan GT-R.

I guess nothing can be perfect though, and in the grand scheme of things, this problem is not so bad when compared to the others some other car owners are facing (the biggest of these being the fact that they’re driving anything other than a GT-R… those poor souls).

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