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2014 Nissan GT-R Track Edition: Who Needs Backseats?

Nissan Unveils 2014 Nissan GT-R Track Edition Package

Realizing that the GT-R is not a carpool vehicle, Nissan offers up a new Track Edition package which ditches the back seats in favor of weight savings and extra performance goodies.

Nissan clearly recognized that their once-touted rear seats in the GT-R were more of a nuisance than blessing since so few people use the GT-R as a commuter or carpool vehicle. Thankfully, they’ve offered up a solution in the form of the 2014 Track Edition package.

The 2014 Nissan Track Edition replaces the rear seat with ultra-lightweight quilted cloth mats. While these mats certainly aren’t the fanciest or most luxurious looking change, they’re definitely going to shave pounds off of the vehicle’s curb weight.

In addition to weight savings from removing the rear seats, the GT-R team also improved the R35’s performance in the Track Edition by coupling that change with a specially tuned suspension, special brake cooling guides, a front spoiler with carbon fiber air ducts, a dry carbon fiber rear spoiler and RAYS wheels with Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT run-flat tires. The suspension is upgraded through use specialized Bilstein DampTronic gas pressure shocks with higher spring rates. Nissan says most of the development happened on the Nurburgring, one of the most demanding tracks in the world. The Track Edition is offered in five colors: blue pearl, black, red, gunmetal and pearl white.

All of this should result in a significantly lighter GT-R that will handle even better than it already does.

Of course, the moniker “Track Edition” seems a little silly in this situation. The front seats are not seeing any changes, and no cage or bars are being added. If you wanted to actually run your GT-R in a sanctioned track event, you’d still need to make major changes to the vehicle to be allowed to do so–even with purchasing the Track Edition package. The lightening from the factory and the improvements to the suspension will certainly be nice, but, with the vehicle without the Track Edition still being a 545 horsepower AWD supercar destroying monster, it seems a little unnecessary. For those who wish to actually build their GT-R for Track racing and performance, the cost of the package–which is not yet released, but considering the limited production run of the Track Edition (only 150 will be made available in the US) will certainly be a pretty penny–the same modifications could almost certainly be achieved through the aftermarket scene, and one could get their GT-R truly track ready.

Jay Leno and Usain Bolt Drive GT-Rs

Nissan Ramps up Its PR Work With the GT-R

Working continually to raise the GT-R’s global view, this past week Nissan and their GT-R team worked with both Usain Bolt and Jay Leno for some fantastic automotive press opportunities.

The world’s fastest man has not been shy about his love for the world’s fastest car (or, at least, one of them). Usain Bolt, a veritable international celebrity with humongous marketing presence in Europe and China, as well as most everywhere else people have heard of the Olympics, has been well known for his love of the Nissan GT-R. Looks like Nissan caught wind of this too, and is taking advantage of the situation for some great press opportunities.

Usain Bolt Nissan GTR

This month Nissan reached an advertising deal with Usain Bolt, officially naming him their “Director of Excitement”. To kick off this special title, a unique, one-off (actually, two-off, since Bolt had one made for himself also) special edition Gold GT-R was built and will be auctioned off on EBay. The proceeds of the sale will go to the Usain Bolt Foundation–a charity dedicated to the happiness and wellness of children’s lives in underprivileged countries and societies–and there should be lots of proceeds.

Gold Usain Bolt Nissan GT-R

The very special one-off Bolt GT-R is finished in a beautiful and unique metallic gold paint, features Bolt’s signature across the front, and also has an interior touched up with gold accent trim. The overall look of the vehicle is incredibly striking, and it will certainly fetch a pretty penny. If this GT-R is less to your liking, however, Nissan and Bolt are also teaming up to offer a less limited-run of Bolt Special Edition GT-Rs. The details on this special edition GT-R aren’t confirmed yet, but I’m sure Nissan and their new “Director of Excitement” will come up with something great.

Nissan GTR What If Usain Bolt

The last part of Bolt’s agreement will see him featured in a new series of Nissan “What If_” commercials. Ahead of these commercials, Nissan and Bolt have already released a few promotional videos. Of their partnering together, Bolt said, “Racing is my inspiration, and I want to help Nissan become an even more exciting brand for everyone.”

Nissan’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) Toshiyuki Shiga welcomed Bolt’s endorsement and deepening ties with Nissan. “Nissan shares the spirit of excitement that captivated worldwide audiences at the Olympics. There is no-one better qualified than Usain Bolt to help us translate that spirit into great experiences,” said Shiga.


In addition to Usain Bolt, Nissan brought in one of the world’s most famous car enthusiasts, Jay Leno, for another PR opportunity…

when they flew the chinned one out to Tokyo to take a drive around the city’s notoriously difficult to maneuver streets in a Nissan GT-R. There’s no special agreement between parties here, just a really neat video of Leno enjoying as cruise in Godzilla through the brilliant and beautiful Akihabara electronics district–an area renowned for its bright lights and tight streets.

“It’s a bit like driving in England, as you’re on the other side of the road,” he said. Perhaps more striking was the difference in the kinds of cars one sees on the road around Tokyo and their condition. Leno said he didn’t see any clunkers or dirty cars, like those he was used to on the Los Angeles motorways.

“I’ve yet to see a dirty car on the road. People here seem to take a great deal of pride in their possessions.”

Leno proves himself a capable motorist, navigating the roadways with relative ease, and then talking about the driving experience. Following that we get to see Leno also visit Nissan’s GT-R Manufacturing Plant where he marvels over the creation process for the GT-R Engine. It’s great to hear a well-known American car enthusiast give the GT-R so much love, and the taste of a different culture is a fascinating one.

Beautiful Matte Black GT-R

Not too long ago, a matte painted version of a supercar was little more than a joke of an idea. Originally the realm of the German banker and the Wall Street broker, the supercar was meant to be shiny, showy, and sexy. Well, things have changed today, and with global wealth actually skewing younger than before (in large part to the Middle Eastern oil wealth) six-figure supercars done in matte wraps are becoming less and less absurd an idea. And, while, they’re definitely not as shiny or as showy as their gloss predecessors, the sexy has not gone away.

Thus, I give you this Matte Black and Carbon Fiber wrapped Nissan GT-R. It’s so understated that it almost becomes overstated, and it takes vehicle styling and mixes it with that of a B-2 Stealth bomber; of course, this particular GT-R comes to us courtesy of the wealthy and mean (mean for a racer, at least) streets of Dubai – the world’s newest playground for the exorbitantly wealthy.

The matte black wheels, matte black paint, carbon fiber fascia, splitter, diffuser, and spoiler pieces all come together beautifully with the vehicle’s small touches of color — the seemingly necessary highlights of the GT-R badging and the bronze colored Brembo caliper covers — to make one gorgeous new GT-R. It’s smooth, sleek, and looks like the sort of vehicle that would fit in perfectly in the wind-whipped and sand-blasted realm of the deserts surrounding its home. The carbon fiber exhaust tips (maybe they’re an Akrapovic? It would make sense, the sound is right for one) are a great touch. Now, all the driver needs to do to complete the look is get themselves some acrylic light blackout kits.

For further proof of the beauty of the vehicle, also, take notice that the cameraman has focused directly on this very unique GT-R when inside of a Dubai parking garage where the following cars are also visible just within the few seconds of the video itself: multiple Porsche 911’s, multiple Land Rovers,  a Mercedes Benz G class, a Mercedes Benz S Class, and a gorgeous red Ferrari. That’s millions of dollars within direct vicinity of this GT-R, yet its unique paint scheme and carbon fiber touches really set it apart.

I don’t know, personally. I still like the gloss, showcar quality of a well-polished, well-done, metallic coat paint job, but there’s something inherently sexy–and inherently Batmobile-esque–of an all-black GT-R, much like the new Black edition, that this Matte Black ride just totally personifies.

What do you think?

Forgeline Wheels for the Nissan GT-R

So, perhaps the day has come when baby needs new shoes. Don’t be sad, we all outgrow our shoes sooner or later, and when it’s time for the new set of rollers to usher in a new time of Godzilla’s life, Forgeline is here to bring the best in booty stomping footwear. You can consider Forgeline the Michael Johnson gold medal-winning shoes for the automotive world except, no funny stuff- when Forgeline makes wheels they make wheels to be track perfect, show perfect works of automotive racing Forgeline Wheelsperfection. Now I know you’ve been seething with jealousy over Michaels magnificent kicks, but sit tight, grab a beer and relax. What you read below is exactly what baby’s parents need to hear.

Nissan GTR Forgeline WheelsForgeline makes wheels for the automotive industry and competes only with the best in the business. The wheels that come out of the design house from Forgeline are run by big names like Turner Motorsports and AMS, and run on tracks from Buttonwillow to Sebring, and can be found in Grand Am, ALMS, SCCA Pro Racing, as well as virtually every amateur sports car series in the US and beyond. Suffice it to say, these guys have been rolling across every racetrack and showroom floor from L.A. to Miami, and are well acquainted with what it means to create a perfect wheel. The process of creating a wheel is not something that just happens overnight. The team wanted the strongest, lightest, most practical wheel that they could create. Thus was born their racing roller the SX3-R. The ZX3-R (seen here with matte black center, polished lip, and center locking conversion) which replaced the original, along with all of the wheels from Forgeline, is a wheel crafted for the track. The wheel is a true piece of engineering, and since I can’t say it better myself-here’s what they have to say about it:

The ZX3-R is a 10 spoke evolutionary design. Each spoke is tapered 10 degrees and extra machining is used to reduce weight even further than the original SX3-R design. Each wheel is built with true forged 6061 T6 centers, 6061 T6 spun rim halves, stainless steel fasteners (titanium fasteners and jet nuts are optional), and feature a powdercoated silver or gunmetal finish with a polished lip. This design is 3 pounds lighter than the standard 3-piece Forgeline wheels. The ZX3-R is available in sizes from 17×7.0 to 19×13. Since each wheel is built to order, Forgeline can offer special features like custom offsets, center locking hubs, and a choice of center finishes.

Lightweight wheels are a common racing term, but most people don’t fully understand the ideas behind using them. Weight is a racecars biggest enemy, and unsprung weight (the weight under the springs which moves up and down as the vehicle rides over uneven roads and leans in the corners), and rotational weight (all parts that spin including everything in the vehicle’s driveline from the engine’s crankshaft to its wheels and tires) are the biggest factors in a racecar. The idea of reducing weight will result not only in a higher top speed and lower lap times, but handling increases Nissan GTR Forgeline Wheelsdramatically as those two hindrances are conquered. In short, by reducing unsprung weight, the shock absorbers and suspension can react faster, creating a better constant contact patch resulting in better traction. The more traction in any motorsport, the better the vehicle will handle during at-the-limit driving. Unsprung weight is just as important. By reducing the amount of weight in any rotating mass (think: flywheel, driveshaft, rotors, pulleys, crankshaft, etc…) like a wheel and you affect the energy required to change speed as the vehicle accelerates and brakes. Obviously, less is more in this case.

There is a downside to reducing wheel weight however. As seen in the spectacular picture from the Ostrava Rally, a weak wheel will break when its limits are reached- and it’s a guaranteed that when it does break, it will be the worst time for it to happen. There’s never a good time for a wheel to break, but on a track at high speeds is the last place you want to lose a wheel. Forgeline knows this and that’s why everything they make is strength tested and designed for ultimate performance using computer stress analysis models, and real time on the track to beyond SAE standards. So forget exploding wheels on the track!

One of the coolest things to come out of Forgeline over the past 15 years, other than amazing wheels is some of the hardware options that they have come up with. The biggest one would have to be center lock conversion kit that they offer. This converts your regular 5 lug wheels into a Formula One ready machine. Not only does it cut down on weight, but makes your wheels a lot harder to steal without the proper tools! The kit works for most cars, and the conversion includes adapters, drilled and machined for the car, specially machined centers, and a set of forged Hex or GT Style nuts. The adapters bolt on to the vehicle with special lug nuts that act as drive pins. The wheel then slips over the adapter and on to the lugnut drive pins. Tighten the forged nut down with the supplied wrench and you’re ready to go. Hex nuts or GT Style nuts are available in a host of different finishes including anodized, polished and brushed. On the track, the benefit and ease of wheel changing from this kit would be incredible. One lug, that’s all. The team over at Forgeline has led an industry first by bringing this race-proven technology to the masses.

Click below For a complete catalog of Forgeline wheels and their hardware and accessory options.

APR Performance Dry Carbon Fiber for the Nissan GT-R R35

The GT-R, which is arguably the most impressive vehicle on the road today, deserves only the best. Lots of companies make various carbon fiber pieces for the Nissan GT-R–hoods, diffusers, side skirts, spoilers, etc.–and now APR Performance, who have been making fantastic Dry Carbon Fiber pieces since 1999 are joining that group of companies. The benefits of carbon fiber are obvious: it’s stronger than steel, far lighter than aluminum, and gorgeous. APR Performance has proven, too, that their carbon fiber work is second to none since they’ve entered the fray.

For years now, APR has been crafting carbon fiber pieces for high-end track applications (from Drag to Drift, and Rally to Road-Course Racing), and their pieces are always thoroughly track tested to ensure optimal performance. This dedication to quality and performance is what has me so excited about their new line of GT-R R35 Carbon Fiber pieces, too. Becoming available to the public in April, APR now offers Front Air Dam and Side Skirt options for the GT-R. These new stylish body pieces offer fantastic aerodynamic benefits to help with Lift and Drag reduction, as well as handling and cornering stability.

GTR APR Front Lip Spoiler

APR Carbon Fiber GT-R Side Skirts

The first piece, their new Front Air Dam, is an absolute work of art. With an extended under-chassis plate, the APR Front Air Dam has both strength and enhanced performance, and the front lip spoiler design allows for fantastic airflow to reduce front-end lift and increase front-end stability and cornering grip. The extended under-chassis portion is also purposefully designed with fin-like curves to help increase the aerodynamic benefits. A lot of front lip spoilers don’t include an extended plate like this one does, and in that way, they’re immediately inferior. The plate, again, helps with the aerodynamics and really adds a lot of strength to the piece as a whole. The look of the front air dam is top-notch, too. The pre-pregnated Dry Carbon Fiber has a gorgeous, tight weave pattern, and the UV and fade resistant sealer that APR uses for finishing has an incredible brilliance to it. The curves and angles of the piece are aggressive and impressive, and do a lot to improve the over-all appearance of the front-end without being too showy or in your face, like some of the larger more extended front lips you’ll see out there. Installed, it really looks like the piece was designed by Nissan engineers specifically for the vehicle, and you can see just how much care and concern APR has put in to this part.

Nissan GT-R Front Air Dam

Nissan GT-R Dry Carbon Front Spoiler

The second piece, the Side Skirts, are everything that the front Air Dam is and more! Their lines, to start with the visual appearance, are absolutely fantastic. The extended flare past the door on the side skirts looks awesome, yet the piece itself still has a lot of the classy subtlety to it. Again, the quality of the Carbon Fiber is unmatched, and the finish has a great brilliance to it. The splitters work, functionally, in much the same way that the front air dam does, also. Their extended lips allow for a reduction in air roll underneath the vehicle chassis–this “roll” acts as a huge aerodynamic buffer eating away at over-all performance numbers. By channeling the wind flowing across the vehicle more efficiently, these Side Skirts help to reduce drag and improve handling. Again, too, they look near-perfect on the GT-R. These things were definitely designed to be installed on this vehicle. The portions of the splitters that attach these pieces to the vehicle are also thick and wide, and really guarantee a lot of strength and durability. They’re pretty easily installed, and, once on the vehicle, certain to hold up for a very very long time. If the quality of APR’s other work–they’re incredibly popular within the Corvette, BMW, and G35 communities–is indicative of these pieces at all, they’ll almost certainly stand the test of time longer than most OEM body components will.

GT-R Side Skirts

R35 Dry Carbon Side Skirts

Combined, these two parts add almost no weight to the vehicle thanks to the feather-like nature of carbon fiber, and they help with performance, and even things like gas mileage, thanks to their aerodynamic benefits. And you know, again, that they’re great because they’re an APR product–a company whose line-up has been used on winning vehicles at Pike’s Peak, in SCCA Nationals, and record-setting Willow Ring laps. Ultimately, if you’re looking to improve the handling abilities and the exterior styling of your Nissan GT-R, these new pieces from APR are an absolute home-run for you. Great products from a great company, and I’m so happy to see them really entering in to the GT-R market with some force! I expect even more greatness from them in combination with the GT-R in the future.

APR Performance Carbon Fiber Nissan GT-R

Seibon Nissan GTR Carbon Fiber Air Ducts

In 2003, a small company out of southern California quietly entered the newly revamped compact automotive aftermarket scene. Their goal was to design and produce high quality carbon fiber body parts and accessories with unmatched quality and performance. They quickly got noticed and have been expanding their line of high quality carbon fiber products steadily over the past eight years. Today, SEIBON has expanded internationally with dealers on five continents in a host of different countries. Last year however, they began expanding their line to include Nissan’s coveted R-35 GT-R.

That’s right. Sit down. Grab a Coke, and start smiling.

This carbon fiber industry giant has started producing everything from whole doors, rear deck lids, fenders, and hoods to the center console, mirror covers, and exhaust surrounds. They are a company that will truly satisfy even the most serious of carbon fiber fetishes. Today we’ll be discussing one of their smaller items for the GT-R: the Nissan GTR carbon fiber hood air ducts. On the stock GT-R, these little guys are made of plastic and look…factory (read: plain). SEIBON offers these guys in the magical dark weave for an exceptionally subtle styling note to the exterior of your beast. Below are some pictures below to show the side by side comparison, along with the two installed next to each other for clarity in curb appeal differences.

As you can see, the production value in the carbon pieces is superb. SEIBON’s pieces are an exact fit in place of the OE pieces, showcasing their ability to effectively produce a “carbon copy” of the original. Also of note, is the superior weave quality and the clear coat finish to the new pieces. Overall, they’re a great addition to the exterior of the car, and deserved a nod from us. Keep an eye out for other pieces that SEIBON will be showcasing for the GT-R in the future.

If you’re interested in checking out anything else that SEIBON makes for the GT-R, their website is as follows:

Nice New Bumper Protector

I’ve been looking for a skid protector for my GT-R for awhile. I had even, at one point, taped a custom cut piece of plastic the front bumper when I knew I’d be visiting a friend (whose driveway is a bumper-killer that I dread terribly). Thankfully, now, there’s a solution (other than my crappy-looking plastic piece). I saw this Nissan GT-R Front Skid Protector today and immediately knew that I had to buy it. If you’re like me, and trying to keep your GT-R in as beautiful of shape as possible (because, seriously, who wouldn’t try and do that?!?) but still enjoy driving it every weekend to a friend’s house or to dinner with somebody, this is an absolute necessity. I’ve had that scrape noise too many times entering a parking lot or driveway, and while not much damage has occurred yet, I’m happy to be able to stop it before it does. Made from Urethane, this thing is durable also, and low-profile enough that it wont look bad on the car (which is something I can not say for my self-cut piece of plastic). In fact, it doesn’t look like it will have much of a visual effect at all. I would definitely recommend this product, especially as it seems to be the first solution for this problem I’ve found for the GT-R online.

Cool Interior Carbon Fiber Pieces

I know I’ve written about the Southern Car Parts guys before, and I do it for a reason: they’re nice to me, treat me right, and get some cool products. Sadly, there’s not a whole lot of stuff out there for the GT-R, and their 120 part catalog, while not the biggest, feels really complete. While looking through it a week or two ago, I came across some interior pieces that looked nice, and decided I’d get them for myself.

Made specifically by the Southern Car Parts guys, these interior pieces are small touches, but they look awesome when installed. I called up there, talked to David, and ended up ordering their Carbon Fiber Door Pulls, Carbon Fiber Cup Holder Bezel, and my personal favorite, their Carbon Fiber Shifter Bezel. I wasn’t sure what to expect, honestly, as I’m skeptical of carbon fiber in the first place, and especially so when it’s not coming from a company known specifically for their Carbon Fiber stuff. When it arrived though, I was more than pleasantly surprised. The box was so light that I wasn’t sure there was anything it, but I suppose that’s the nature of Carbon Fiber. I took the pieces out and was impressed by the way they were packaged and sent. Too often people slap a piece of plastic around something, toss it in a box, and expect UPS or FedEx not to shake it around. The SCP guys had packaged it well, and it arrived beautifully and perfectly in tact. The install on the Cup Holder bezel wasn’t the easiest, but their video helped me get it in there. I was, honestly, a little worried I might break it for a second, but the build on these things is damn impressive, as it withstood a little bending and pushing, popped in place, and looked perfect. Once installed, I definitely felt that the shifter bezel was the premiere piece of the interior set I order from them. The piece looks absolutely awesome installed, and has already garnered me a couple compliments from passengers. If you have any reservations about the look or quality, put them aside, these pieces are top quality, and I’ve handled Seibon and Mine’s stuff before. These pieces rivaled that.

As for the price, it was more than fair. Titek makes some comparable pieces, and the price on these was well below their asking price. I can’t imagine, either, after holding these that the Titek ones could be any nicer. Definitely got every penny’s worth out of these carbon fiber pieces and my GT-R looks a lot better as result of it. I recommend these pieces if you’re looking for a quick, quality, and affordable visual upgrade for the interior of your Nissan GT-R.

1000+ HP Switzer GT-R, and an Exercise in Being Excessively Gaudy

There are two very different GTRs I want to highlight today. The first of these is all about HP, the other, all about blinding people.

Switzer, the performance mod shop known for always pushing the envelope on Turbocharged power, has been having fun with the GT-R since its release, and their most recent incarnation is no different. The Switzer GT-R R35 R1K is an absolute beast that spits out 1005HP to the ground and rips up the road beneath it. Switzer achieved this HP boost, over the stock 473, through use of enlarged turbochargers and intercoolers, an upgraded ECU and cooling system, new injectors, a high-flow titanium exhaust, and a new, extra-strong transmission built to handle all of that power. Even with all of those modifications, it’s still impressive to see that much HP gain in the vehicle, and especially when you consider that its creature comforts still work. The car still has A/C, Radio, and all power windows/seats, meaning that it’s both a comfortable road driver, and an absolute Mecha-Godzilla on the track.

Speaking of Mecha-Godzilla, what’s one way to make your GT-R look even more insane? How about a complete body chrome wrap! That’s right, now not only will your opponents in a race be forced to look at your tail end, but the light reflecting off of the chrome wrap will immediately blind them and cause them to crash! Seriously though, how could anyone think a modification like this is a good idea? So far as visual mods are concerned: there’s cool, there’s extreme, and then there’s just plain gaudy, and this GT-R eschews the former two in favor of the latter. Check this out, if you can, and be happy your GT-R isn’t chrome wrapped.

Nissan GT-R Egoist

If the Nissan GT-R doesn’t boost your vehicular ego enough as it is, the next iteration seems to be designed to do just that. Buzzing the internet for the last few days, real information has come out from Nissan Japan concerning their Spec-M and the Nissan GT-R’s future. We’ve seen the visual touches that are occurring. The new, LED-adorned front fascia is a thing of eye-catching beauty, while the new carbon fiber rear diffuser is a more subtle stylistic touch. The wheels, 20″ works of art they are, are being redesigned to eschew themselves from the subtle side of visual flair back to the radical and aggressive. And, above all else, the car which was already a performance power-house is getting a bit of a boost. A very good bit of a boost. The vehicle will definitely cross the 500HP thresh hold, but by how much is a question. Some people with “source information” are claiming as much as 545, although 530 seems to be the safest bet at this point. That’s right: 530 HP is a safe bet. So, you take the most impressive automotive machine in production right now (at least, the most impressive with a price tag under a quarter million), give it some more get-up-n-go, and adorn it with lighter weight, truly beautiful, exterior modifications and what do you have? You have the Egoist.
Yeah, you read that right: the Egoist. This car is meant to not only strike fear in the hearts of others but to also make you puff out your chest with pride and add a little more swagger to your step. Of course, the GT-R already does that, but with 530HP now, it will undoubtedly do so even more. Especially considering that the current GT-R boasts 485 power, so this is no small jump. 485 to 530 is a big difference, and will definitely shave large chunks of time off of the GT-Rs already unbelievably impressive performance numbers. Wow. This is exciting, and I can’t wait for the official announcements and numbers.

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