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Watch a Nissan GT-R Dominate a Ski Slope

This Video by Swedish Race Team Ice Ricers Shows That There’s Nothing a GT-R Can’t Do

We all know how well a GT-R does on a track. We’ve seen the lap videos and dissected the posted lap times of the vehicle on the Nurburgring. We’ve shared videos with friends and enemies alike that showcase the GT-R’s dominance on a strip. We’ve even seen the same Team Ice Ricers demonstrate the vehicle’s ability to pull out a parking space when buried waist deep in fresh powder, but we have never seen anything like their newest video.

Further demonstrating the outrageous capabilities of the Nissan AWD system outfitted to the GT-R, the speed loving Swedes at Team Ice Ricers decided they’d race their snow-equipped GT-R up the side of a mountain. That’s covered in snow. Racing a pack of angry snowmobiles.

It’s a fantastic¬† video that really showcases just how capable the GT-R is. Not only is Godzilla capable on doing what only the world’s most expensive and revered exotics re capable of on a track, it can also stunt a mountain in a manner more befitting an off-road equipped Jeep or Land Rover (when one of those is running). My only complaint with what the GT-R does here is that the driver didn’t stop to pick up the two gorgeous Swedish snowbunnies looking for a lift. Come on, guy! You’ve got the back seat space! And anyways, every other movie I’ve seen that starts with that premise ends really well for the driver.

Seriously, though. This is a must-watch:

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