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The 1300HP Switzer GT-R Is One Incredible Vehicle

Switzer Recently Set the Record for World’s Fastest GT-R with 8.61 Quarter Mile

America’s own Switzer Performance, based out of Oberlin, Ohio, set out recently to outdo themselves and make their most impressive GT-R yet. The end result was something even more incredible. In the process of outdoing themselves, they then outdid the likes of everyone else, and created the world’s fastest street legal version of the R35 GT-R supercar.

The vehicle, which looks like a regular GT-R on the outside, might actually qualify for sleeper status. That’s difficult to say though, because certainly no person looks at a GT-R of any type and expects it to be slow. The actual speed this GT-R houses, though, is unheard of. Amongst the numerous modifications given to this R35 are such highlights as “fully-built ShepTrans driveline, an AMS turbo kit, and our Switzer/Syvecs dual-injection fuel system, as well as quite a few other vendor-supplied components.” When all is said and done and this Godzilla monster is filled with E98 racing fuel, it’s good for a full 1300HP.

The end result of all this power in the AWD GT-R configuration is numbers that are insanely fast. We’re talking, instant face-lift fast. The Switzer GT-R conquered the 1/4 mile in just 8.61 seconds–absolutely dominating previous GT-R records–and recorded a trap speed of 170.47 mph. All of this was done on a set of street legal tires, too–albeit, street legal Mickey Thompson drag radials, but, still are street legal.

Give the video a watch, and if you have an absurd amount of money and an insatiable need for speed both lying around, it might be time to give the guys over at Switzer a call and see what they can do for your GT-R.

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