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2015 GT-R To Receive Major Update and New Seven Speed Gearbox

The R35 Nissan GT-R Will Receive a Major Update in 2015

A facelift and new seven speed gearbox highlight the updates in store for the GT-R in 2015

In their continual effort to make a great thing greater, Nissan is putting in to motion plans to upgrade their world-beater R35 GT-R for 2015. Since the GT-R first hit the market in 2008 it has been decimating cars that cost magnitudes more than it on roads and tracks across the globe–as well as tearing up snowy and icy terrain when the need has arisen. In 2011 the vehicle received its only major upgrade, which featured a bump in HP from 478 to 520. When 2015 rolls around, so will the second major upgrade for the GT-R.

In an effort to cut down on 0-60 and track times, Nissan is outfitting their 2015 GT-R with some fun new features. The vehicle will receive some cosmetic upgrades, which are reported to be particularly focused on the vehicle’s front end, but these are not the exciting things coming Godzilla’s way. The most important 0f these new features is the new seven speed gearbox that Nissan will be outfitting the R35 with. The seven speed will be tuned for extra pick-up and extended top gear range, all of which should result in greater speeds and track times. Nissan has specifically mentioned two areas of focus: sprint times, and the Nürburgring.

At current, the GT-R completes its 0-60 sprint in a blistering 2.8 seconds. Nissan is anticipating the new gearbox to allow their experienced drivers to shave more than a tenth of a second off of this time, and post continual 2.7seconds sprints. The extra low-end get up and go will also result in improved track times. GT-R chief engineer, Kazutoshi Mizuno, has publicly expressed an interest in getting the GT-R’s Nürburgring time down to 7 minutes and 15 seconds.

The new transmission is not the only performance goodie that the 2015 GT-R will feature. The update will also improve the vehicle’s brakes and tires, and should result in some shaved weight from the vehicle’s total curb weight. All of this means that the already world-beating Godzilla car from Japan is going to get even more exciting, and should continue to distance itself from its European and American competition.

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