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Nissan GT-R Price Rises Above $100k

The Once Famed Bargain Supercar Sees a Price Rise to Put Its Cost in Line with Performance

For 2014 the Nissan GT-R sees another price hike that will place the sticker price of the vehicle over $100k for the first time in its life. This price seems correct when the vehicle’s performance is considered–placing it in line with the Porsche’s and other vehicles that it most directly compares to–but feels rather ludicrous by comparison to where the R35 GT-R began just a few short years ago.

In 2008 an R35 GT-R had a sticker price of $69,850. This $70k cost made the GT-R truly the greatest performance vehicle for the price available anywhere, and let Nissan take the mantle of desirability away from Corvette in terms of price against performance. However, in the years since 2008, Nissan has made changes to the GT-R, and with each year and the changes it has brought the price of the vehicle has gone up. Today the GT-R is better tuned and more powerful machine, with 65 more HP today than it featured in 2008, but have these changes warranted such a price increase?

The announced 2014 price of $99,950 and $1000 delivery free, for a total of $100,950, has lead many automotive publications to claim that the GT-R is no longer a bargain machine. While, in comparison to the 2008 price tag–a vehicle that was, by all accounts, the steal of the century in terms of capability and cost–this seems true, the numbers tell a slightly different story.

The GT-R is now priced just above the 2013 SRT Viper GTS, but still below the Porsche 911 Carrera 4S and 911 GT3. It’s also equivalent in performance to those vehicles, if not better. It’s more expensive than a Corvette Z06, but less money than a Corvette ZR1, and it sits right between the two of them in terms of track performance. It’s also the only supercar capable of handling snow and ice without issue, and unlike the other vehicles mentioned features the increased seating space that its backseat offers.

Ultimately, the thing is still a GT-R and it still dominates on road and track alike. The price takes it out of true “steal” territory, but, doesn’t seem extreme when the vehicle’s performance is truly considered. If anything, by comparison to the ZR1 and Porsches and Ferraris against which its mostly directly comparable, it’s still a bargain as its price comes in below those other vehicles. So, while you’ll hear some members of the Gran Turismo generation complaining about the $100k price tag–as that puts it out of the realm of even fantasy for most consumers–don’t let them fool you. This car isn’t over priced, and it’s no less incredible than it has ever been.

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