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Nissan GT-R Sets Road Atlanta Record

Watch a Forged Performance Tuned Nissan GT-R Set the Road Atlanta Lap Time Record

Living in Atlanta, I’ve had the benefit of both visiting and driving the Road Atlanta course in Braselton Georgia many times. I’ve also had the benefit of meeting with, speaking to, and working with the talented engineers and mechanics at Marietta located tuner shop Forged Performance. Between these experiences, and my other work in the automotive industry as well as my lifetime spent as a veritable gearhead, I’ve seen a lot of amazing things. I have not seen anything like this however, because, frankly, no one has. The track time run on the very fast Road Atlanta 2.54 mile road course is the new record for any non LeMans series race car. Or, it was, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

The GT-R has been recognized world-round as a production supercar and this track time is just another feather in its hat. In fact, the GT-R already owns records at multiple tracks around the globe, but the video feed of this one is rare. This video features the 12 turn RA track and the impressive driving work of Mike Skeen behind the wheel of a Catesby and Forged FP800 Nissan GT-R wearing some wonderful Hoosier R100 slicks.

The official lap 3 time for this vehicle as 1:24.701, a full 3 seconds quicker than the previous Road Atlanta track record. This comes from a GT-R that, while tuned and lightened, is still entirely streetable. The video and information provided by Forged Performance–who actually collected over 25GB of electronic data from the event, much of which they claim provides intel in to how they can post a quicker time than even this one–makes for an incredible watch.

Of course, no record arrives without controversy, and many people are claiming that a lap run by Leh Keen is the actual RA Lap Time record holder. It’s difficult to ascertain which time should hold which record, as they’re run under different classes by different drivers on different days and different events. One thing of note, however: Keen also did his lap in a Nissan GT-R. This may prove the GT-R’s dominance beyond a reasonable doubt as the idealized car for the Road Atlanta set-up. Keen’s lap time was 1:23.848. Regardless of which one’s the true record holder or what the caveat may be to each record, one thing is for certain: they’re both damn impressive.

Here are other lap times from Road Atlanta to showcase where these two vehicles stand by comparison to LeMans Series cars, as well as the fastest Ferrari Challenge time ever posted there:

1:06.202 – ALMS / LMES – LMP1 – ’08 Peugeot Sport
1:10.379 – ALMS / LMES – LMP1 – ’00 Audi
1:18.632 – ALMS / LMES – GTS – ’00 Corvette C5-R
1:22.604 – LMS / LMES – GT – ’01 BMW M3 GTR
1:23.848 – NASA – TTR – Leh Keen – Nissan GT-R
1:24.701 – Chin Motorsports GT-R Track Day – Mike Skeen – Catesby/Forged FP800 Nissan GT-R
1:29.937 – Ferrari Challenge – ’03 Ferrari 360

Here’s the video of Leh Keen’s lap:

For a great primer on the Road Atlanta course and how to achieve faster lap times there if you yourself were to drive it, check out this article and pay special attention to the information about Turn 12:
How to Drive Faster – Road Atlanta

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