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Nissan GT-R Has No Problem With Heavy Snow

Video From the Harsh Swedish Winter Shows Nissan GT-R All Weather Capability

Let’s see your Porsche do that! We’ve known for years just what the incredible all-wheel drive system of the Nissan GT-R was capable of delivering in a track setting–putting down ludicrous amounts of torque at all four corners for some amazing acceleration and track handling performance–but this video is kind of mind-blowing. Thick and harsh snow drifts are not easy even for larger, more off-road oriented AWD vehicles, but this video shows just how capable the Nissan GT-R.

You can see the driver calmly approach the GT-R in question, the likes of which is blanketed in a heavy snow fall, and then watch as the very same GT-R pulls effortlessly from its parking spot and through the thick snow coverage. What this means then is that the GT-R truly is the ultimate every day supercar. It’s incredibly impressive to see a vehicle with record setting track capability also move through harsh winter conditions this easily. Of special note is that the location where the video is shot, in a part of Sweden that is about 100km from the Arctic Circle itself. That’s a harsh winter, and the GT-R handles it without issue. Where other cars would just spin their tires, the GT-R truly shines.

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