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Beautiful Matte Black GT-R

Not too long ago, a matte painted version of a supercar was little more than a joke of an idea. Originally the realm of the German banker and the Wall Street broker, the supercar was meant to be shiny, showy, and sexy. Well, things have changed today, and with global wealth actually skewing younger than before (in large part to the Middle Eastern oil wealth) six-figure supercars done in matte wraps are becoming less and less absurd an idea. And, while, they’re definitely not as shiny or as showy as their gloss predecessors, the sexy has not gone away.

Thus, I give you this Matte Black and Carbon Fiber wrapped Nissan GT-R. It’s so understated that it almost becomes overstated, and it takes vehicle styling and mixes it with that of a B-2 Stealth bomber; of course, this particular GT-R comes to us courtesy of the wealthy and mean (mean for a racer, at least) streets of Dubai – the world’s newest playground for the exorbitantly wealthy.

The matte black wheels, matte black paint, carbon fiber fascia, splitter, diffuser, and spoiler pieces all come together beautifully with the vehicle’s small touches of color — the seemingly necessary highlights of the GT-R badging and the bronze colored Brembo caliper covers — to make one gorgeous new GT-R. It’s smooth, sleek, and looks like the sort of vehicle that would fit in perfectly in the wind-whipped and sand-blasted realm of the deserts surrounding its home. The carbon fiber exhaust tips (maybe they’re an Akrapovic? It would make sense, the sound is right for one) are a great touch. Now, all the driver needs to do to complete the look is get themselves some acrylic light blackout kits.

For further proof of the beauty of the vehicle, also, take notice that the cameraman has focused directly on this very unique GT-R when inside of a Dubai parking garage where the following cars are also visible just within the few seconds of the video itself: multiple Porsche 911’s, multiple Land Rovers,  a Mercedes Benz G class, a Mercedes Benz S Class, and a gorgeous red Ferrari. That’s millions of dollars within direct vicinity of this GT-R, yet its unique paint scheme and carbon fiber touches really set it apart.

I don’t know, personally. I still like the gloss, showcar quality of a well-polished, well-done, metallic coat paint job, but there’s something inherently sexy–and inherently Batmobile-esque–of an all-black GT-R, much like the new Black edition, that this Matte Black ride just totally personifies.

What do you think?

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  1. I like the flat black paint job

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