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APR Performance Dry Carbon Fiber for the Nissan GT-R R35

The GT-R, which is arguably the most impressive vehicle on the road today, deserves only the best. Lots of companies make various carbon fiber pieces for the Nissan GT-R–hoods, diffusers, side skirts, spoilers, etc.–and now APR Performance, who have been making fantastic Dry Carbon Fiber pieces since 1999 are joining that group of companies. The benefits of carbon fiber are obvious: it’s stronger than steel, far lighter than aluminum, and gorgeous. APR Performance has proven, too, that their carbon fiber work is second to none since they’ve entered the fray.

For years now, APR has been crafting carbon fiber pieces for high-end track applications (from Drag to Drift, and Rally to Road-Course Racing), and their pieces are always thoroughly track tested to ensure optimal performance. This dedication to quality and performance is what has me so excited about their new line of GT-R R35 Carbon Fiber pieces, too. Becoming available to the public in April, APR now offers Front Air Dam and Side Skirt options for the GT-R. These new stylish body pieces offer fantastic aerodynamic benefits to help with Lift and Drag reduction, as well as handling and cornering stability.

GTR APR Front Lip Spoiler

APR Carbon Fiber GT-R Side Skirts

The first piece, their new Front Air Dam, is an absolute work of art. With an extended under-chassis plate, the APR Front Air Dam has both strength and enhanced performance, and the front lip spoiler design allows for fantastic airflow to reduce front-end lift and increase front-end stability and cornering grip. The extended under-chassis portion is also purposefully designed with fin-like curves to help increase the aerodynamic benefits. A lot of front lip spoilers don’t include an extended plate like this one does, and in that way, they’re immediately inferior. The plate, again, helps with the aerodynamics and really adds a lot of strength to the piece as a whole. The look of the front air dam is top-notch, too. The pre-pregnated Dry Carbon Fiber has a gorgeous, tight weave pattern, and the UV and fade resistant sealer that APR uses for finishing has an incredible brilliance to it. The curves and angles of the piece are aggressive and impressive, and do a lot to improve the over-all appearance of the front-end without being too showy or in your face, like some of the larger more extended front lips you’ll see out there. Installed, it really looks like the piece was designed by Nissan engineers specifically for the vehicle, and you can see just how much care and concern APR has put in to this part.

Nissan GT-R Front Air Dam

Nissan GT-R Dry Carbon Front Spoiler

The second piece, the Side Skirts, are everything that the front Air Dam is and more! Their lines, to start with the visual appearance, are absolutely fantastic. The extended flare past the door on the side skirts looks awesome, yet the piece itself still has a lot of the classy subtlety to it. Again, the quality of the Carbon Fiber is unmatched, and the finish has a great brilliance to it. The splitters work, functionally, in much the same way that the front air dam does, also. Their extended lips allow for a reduction in air roll underneath the vehicle chassis–this “roll” acts as a huge aerodynamic buffer eating away at over-all performance numbers. By channeling the wind flowing across the vehicle more efficiently, these Side Skirts help to reduce drag and improve handling. Again, too, they look near-perfect on the GT-R. These things were definitely designed to be installed on this vehicle. The portions of the splitters that attach these pieces to the vehicle are also thick and wide, and really guarantee a lot of strength and durability. They’re pretty easily installed, and, once on the vehicle, certain to hold up for a very very long time. If the quality of APR’s other work–they’re incredibly popular within the Corvette, BMW, and G35 communities–is indicative of these pieces at all, they’ll almost certainly stand the test of time longer than most OEM body components will.

GT-R Side Skirts

R35 Dry Carbon Side Skirts

Combined, these two parts add almost no weight to the vehicle thanks to the feather-like nature of carbon fiber, and they help with performance, and even things like gas mileage, thanks to their aerodynamic benefits. And you know, again, that they’re great because they’re an APR product–a company whose line-up has been used on winning vehicles at Pike’s Peak, in SCCA Nationals, and record-setting Willow Ring laps. Ultimately, if you’re looking to improve the handling abilities and the exterior styling of your Nissan GT-R, these new pieces from APR are an absolute home-run for you. Great products from a great company, and I’m so happy to see them really entering in to the GT-R market with some force! I expect even more greatness from them in combination with the GT-R in the future.

APR Performance Carbon Fiber Nissan GT-R

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