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Seibon Nissan GTR Carbon Fiber Air Ducts

In 2003, a small company out of southern California quietly entered the newly revamped compact automotive aftermarket scene. Their goal was to design and produce high quality carbon fiber body parts and accessories with unmatched quality and performance. They quickly got noticed and have been expanding their line of high quality carbon fiber products steadily over the past eight years. Today, SEIBON has expanded internationally with dealers on five continents in a host of different countries. Last year however, they began expanding their line to include Nissan’s coveted R-35 GT-R.

That’s right. Sit down. Grab a Coke, and start smiling.

This carbon fiber industry giant has started producing everything from whole doors, rear deck lids, fenders, and hoods to the center console, mirror covers, and exhaust surrounds. They are a company that will truly satisfy even the most serious of carbon fiber fetishes. Today we’ll be discussing one of their smaller items for the GT-R: the Nissan GTR carbon fiber hood air ducts. On the stock GT-R, these little guys are made of plastic and look…factory (read: plain). SEIBON offers these guys in the magical dark weave for an exceptionally subtle styling note to the exterior of your beast. Below are some pictures below to show the side by side comparison, along with the two installed next to each other for clarity in curb appeal differences.

As you can see, the production value in the carbon pieces is superb. SEIBON’s pieces are an exact fit in place of the OE pieces, showcasing their ability to effectively produce a “carbon copy” of the original. Also of note, is the superior weave quality and the clear coat finish to the new pieces. Overall, they’re a great addition to the exterior of the car, and deserved a nod from us. Keep an eye out for other pieces that SEIBON will be showcasing for the GT-R in the future.

If you’re interested in checking out anything else that SEIBON makes for the GT-R, their website is as follows:

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