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Cool Interior Carbon Fiber Pieces

I know I’ve written about the Southern Car Parts guys before, and I do it for a reason: they’re nice to me, treat me right, and get some cool products. Sadly, there’s not a whole lot of stuff out there for the GT-R, and their 120 part catalog, while not the biggest, feels really complete. While looking through it a week or two ago, I came across some interior pieces that looked nice, and decided I’d get them for myself.

Made specifically by the Southern Car Parts guys, these interior pieces are small touches, but they look awesome when installed. I called up there, talked to David, and ended up ordering their Carbon Fiber Door Pulls, Carbon Fiber Cup Holder Bezel, and my personal favorite, their Carbon Fiber Shifter Bezel. I wasn’t sure what to expect, honestly, as I’m skeptical of carbon fiber in the first place, and especially so when it’s not coming from a company known specifically for their Carbon Fiber stuff. When it arrived though, I was more than pleasantly surprised. The box was so light that I wasn’t sure there was anything it, but I suppose that’s the nature of Carbon Fiber. I took the pieces out and was impressed by the way they were packaged and sent. Too often people slap a piece of plastic around something, toss it in a box, and expect UPS or FedEx not to shake it around. The SCP guys had packaged it well, and it arrived beautifully and perfectly in tact. The install on the Cup Holder bezel wasn’t the easiest, but their video helped me get it in there. I was, honestly, a little worried I might break it for a second, but the build on these things is damn impressive, as it withstood a little bending and pushing, popped in place, and looked perfect. Once installed, I definitely felt that the shifter bezel was the premiere piece of the interior set I order from them. The piece looks absolutely awesome installed, and has already garnered me a couple compliments from passengers. If you have any reservations about the look or quality, put them aside, these pieces are top quality, and I’ve handled Seibon and Mine’s stuff before. These pieces rivaled that.

As for the price, it was more than fair. Titek makes some comparable pieces, and the price on these was well below their asking price. I can’t imagine, either, after holding these that the Titek ones could be any nicer. Definitely got every penny’s worth out of these carbon fiber pieces and my GT-R looks a lot better as result of it. I recommend these pieces if you’re looking for a quick, quality, and affordable visual upgrade for the interior of your Nissan GT-R.

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