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1000+ HP Switzer GT-R, and an Exercise in Being Excessively Gaudy

There are two very different GTRs I want to highlight today. The first of these is all about HP, the other, all about blinding people.

Switzer, the performance mod shop known for always pushing the envelope on Turbocharged power, has been having fun with the GT-R since its release, and their most recent incarnation is no different. The Switzer GT-R R35 R1K is an absolute beast that spits out 1005HP to the ground and rips up the road beneath it. Switzer achieved this HP boost, over the stock 473, through use of enlarged turbochargers and intercoolers, an upgraded ECU and cooling system, new injectors, a high-flow titanium exhaust, and a new, extra-strong transmission built to handle all of that power. Even with all of those modifications, it’s still impressive to see that much HP gain in the vehicle, and especially when you consider that its creature comforts still work. The car still has A/C, Radio, and all power windows/seats, meaning that it’s both a comfortable road driver, and an absolute Mecha-Godzilla on the track.

Speaking of Mecha-Godzilla, what’s one way to make your GT-R look even more insane? How about a complete body chrome wrap! That’s right, now not only will your opponents in a race be forced to look at your tail end, but the light reflecting off of the chrome wrap will immediately blind them and cause them to crash! Seriously though, how could anyone think a modification like this is a good idea? So far as visual mods are concerned: there’s cool, there’s extreme, and then there’s just plain gaudy, and this GT-R eschews the former two in favor of the latter. Check this out, if you can, and be happy your GT-R isn’t chrome wrapped.

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