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2012 GT-R Spy Photos

Over the last week various spy photos have been coming out of the 2012 GT-R at the Nurburgring. The vehicle’s modifications, while not too extreme, are great looking. It also seems that Nissan is actively testing and providing final tweaks to them to ensure they provide the 2012 GT-R with the best of both style and function. The new wheel style is my favorite aspect of it, as well. That’s not to say that the new brake ducts, rear diffuser and other touches aren’t good also, just that I really like the new wheel pattern and look. Here are all the images I’ve been able to find thus far, arranged below for you, click the thumbs for full HD images:


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  1. sweet pics! i love the rear exhaust.. it really brings out the back which i have been waiting for a long time because the taillights are the coolest.. thanks
    – Jake the Snake

  2. when i was reading that i so love nissan gtr car already and i can’t wait to get one 🙂

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