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A few fun GTR Videos

Well, no real serious news on the Nissan GT-R R35 front today, so I thought I’d share some fun videos with all of you. The only common thread between these videos is the R35 GT-R, but I don’t think you or I need anything more to enjoy a good video. Hopefully this weekend will produce some more interesting GT-R news for the blog, but until then, enjoy:

An un-official commercial, but a very awesome video:

Interesting car news, and another example of a very talented very famous and wealthy person driving a Nissan GT-R at around 4 minutes in. Pretty interesting info from the NBA Player, and a damn good looking GT-R:

A Swiss-tuned GT-R Pushing 610bhp on a dyno. I love the way this GT-R sounds here, very clean and mean:

A sub-titled Dutch review of the Nissan GT-R, pretty good review:

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