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History of the Nissan GT-R in Pictures

There’s nothing like a piece of history to make you realize the value of the present. Today, we have a hi-res gallery of the history of Nissan’s giant-killer. UK had its first taste of the Skyline in 1997 but the very first model was actually built back in the fifties. In 1964, Skyline GT-Rs fought for supremacy against Porsche 908s. In 1969, the first GT-R, a four-door saloon, arrived at Japanese showrooms. If you’re a true-blue fan of the GT-R, you’ve probably already had the occasion to feast your eyes on the most recent GT-R, the SpecV, unveiled this year. The SpecV, which competes against Porsche’s 911 Turbo, has a 485bhp twin-turbo V6, with a boost control function, increasing the 434lb ft of torque by an extra 15lb ft at 3500-5000rpm.

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